Twinings Glossary

Afternoon tea

A traditional British snack taken during the late afternoon, at which tea, cakes, and biscuits are consumed. Afternoon tea is characterized by fine china, good manners, and polite conversation. The tradition is believed to have been started by the Duchess of Bedford during the first half of the nineteenth century.


An important consideration in cupping teas is the smell that is given off. A favourable aroma is most often associated with a flavourful taste.


A black tea grown in the Northeast section of India. A strong full-bodied tea with a rich, robust flavour. Chosen by many tea lovers to be a wake-up tea to be consumed in the morning. Often used in blends because of its strong taste.


A tea tasting term to describe a liquor, which is pungent but inclined to be acidic.


Describes the liquor from teas grown in Autumn, in cool weather. The term is most often applied to teas from Northern India.