Twinings Glossary

Matcha tea

A powdered green tea drunk in Japan, especially at the Tea Ceremony where it is whisked into a frothy green liquor. Matcha, which has a short shelf-life, is produced by milling tencha tea.


A tea-like drink enjoyed by the gauchos of Argentina. Maté is an infusion of Ilex paraguariensis, a South American species of holly. It is drunk through a straw from a gourd-shaped drinking vessel.


An undesirable trait, which imparts a metallic taste.


An undesirable trait characterised by a moldy taste and odour resulting from improper storage. Tea exposed to moisture.


A term which refers to the appearance of the tea - dull, opaque, brown.


Describes a characteristic reminiscent of grapes. Also describes an exceptional characteristic found in liquor of the finest second flush Darjeeling.


Mushy describes a soft, thick, uninteresting liquor.

Musty; Frusty (Fusty)

A tea liquor in which there is suspicion of mold.