Twinings Glossary


A Japanese tea, which is steamed and then rolled in iron pans to hault further oxidation.


A size of tea leaf characterized by leaves which are shorter and not as wiry as orange Pekoe. The liquors generally have more colour.

Pekoe Souchong

A leaf grade of Black Tea between Pekoe and Souchong.


Describes teas which are clean and innocuous but lacking character.

Point; Pointy

A most desirable brisk pungent characteristic.


Some of the finest quality and high priced teas. A very fragrant tea, which is also used as a base for making jasmine tea.


Describes a preponderance of desirable attributes, which are the essential characteristics of a good tea. Pungent describes a tea liquor which has a marked briskness and astringency without being bitter on the palate. A most desirable cup characteristic.