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Superblends™ Teas + Vitamins

Introducing NEW Twinings® Superblends™ Teas + Vitamins! Our blends have been brilliantly crafted with added vitamins for a delicious beverage that tastes great and does you good.

Learn about our brilliant blends:

Boost immunity for A Super Defense with Immune Support+. We’ve combined the sweet taste of mango and the subtle warmth of ginger with green tea for an uplifting cup you can enjoy every day. This blend supports a healthy immune system with the addition of Vitamin C.*

Wake Up Wonderful with Sleep+. We have combined the sweet flavour of vanilla with warming cinnamon, crafting a well-balanced herbal tea that is sure to be the tastiest part of your nightly bedtime routine. This blend helps relax you for a good night’s sleep with the addition of Melatonin.*

Play All Day with Energy+. We uniquely combined the flavours of apples and oranges with green tea for an exhilarating blend you will crave every day. This blend provides energizing benefits with the addition of Vitamin B6.*

Support A Healthy Heart with Heartea+.* Your heart will soar when you sip the sweet flavour of raspberry combined with tart hibiscus. This blend contributes to healthy heart function with the addition of Vitamin B1.*

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