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Mood Making: How Drinking More Water Can Benefit Your Emotions

Mood Making: How Drinking More Water Can Benefit Your Emotions

Human emotions have a lot in common with water (follow us here). Just like the ocean, our emotions come in waves—they rise, they fall, and they're constantly in flow. Perhaps it's the fact that our bodies are 60% water, but it seems to make intuitive sense that drinking more water greatly benefits our emotions.

Staying fully quenched is key to our overall well-being, including surfing the tides of our emotions. Research theorizes this is because when our neurons detect dehydration, they also signal the part of our brain regulating mood (like a "warning signal" prompting us to drink up). Mood is our newest motivation to drink more water, and we're taking that even further by adding in Twinings Cold Infuse™ flavored water enhancers. These infusers steep our cold water with herbal and fruity flavors (without the sugar or artificial flavors) that mingle with our different mood states. Hydration has never been so central to our state of mind—here's what we mean.


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