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Unsolicited Idea Policy

Thank you for your interest in submitting an idea or suggestion to Twinings! We love hearing from our customers and appreciate your feedback about your experiences with our products. Importantly, please note that Twinings has a policy of not accepting unsolicited ideas including, but not limited to, ideas for formulas or formula modifications, new products or strategies for existing products, advertising, or promotions (“Submissions”). We have adopted this policy to avoid the potential for misunderstandings and/or disputes in the event our products, marketing campaigns, or other aspects of our business seem similar or identical to any Submissions.

If you still choose to send us your idea(s) despite this policy, you agree that the following terms shall apply, regardless of any contrary language contained in a Submission:
  • All Submissions, along with related intellectual property, are non-confidential and non-proprietary.
  • Your Submission may be used for any purpose and in any way without compensation to you or any third party.
  • Twinings has no obligation with respect to your Submission, including, but not limited to, reviewing, acknowledging, or returning any materials related to your Submission.
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