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Did You Know You Can Get Your Favourite Blends in Tea K-Cup® Pods?

Did You Know You Can Get Your Favourite Blends in Tea K-Cup® Pods?

Did you know that you can make tea with your fast and convenient Keurig® machine? In addition to loose leaf tea and tea bags, Twinings teas come in a variety of K-Cup® Pods options. If you’re wondering if the convenience of K-Cup® Pods means sacrificing flavour, rest assured that your favourite blends still deliver the aromas and tastes you love. Keep reading to learn more about the tea K-Cup® Pods flavours available from Twinings. 

Can You Use K-Cups for Tea? 

The classic Twinings flavours you love are available as K-Cup® Pods, so you can enjoy your preferred blends using your Keurig® machine. K-Cup® Pods are fast, convenient, and cut down on messes, so it’s a great way to enjoy a cup of tea – especially when you’re low on time. 

What Is A Tea Pod? 

Did you know K-Cup® Pods and pods are different? They often get confused. A K-Cup® Pod seals the tea inside a small cup with a foil top. The inside of the cup is lined with a filter to keep the tea inside during the brewing process. When you put your K-Cup® Pod into the machine, two needles puncture the lid and the bottom of the cup. Hot water runs through the top, steeps with the tea and flows down the bottom through the filter into your mug. 

Tea pods, on the other hand, usually have a round, flat shape. The tea is wrapped in filter paper rather than sealed inside a cup. They often come in individual foil packages. Tea pods may not work with your Keurig® machine, so be sure to try Twinings K-Cup® Pods if you’re looking for a compatible option. 

Delicious, High-Quality Tea K-Cup® Pods 

Twinings tea K-Cup® Pods offer the convenience of Keurig brewing, paired with the high-quality and robust taste of Twinings tea blends. Thanks to the variety of teas we offer in K-Cup® Pod format, you can still enjoy an impressive selection of flavours. 

Twinings English Breakfast Tea K-Cup® Pods incorporate leaves from Kenya and Malawi to provide the briskness and coppery-red colour while Assam gives full-body and flavour. The robustness from these regions is complemented by softer teas from other regions. We even have a version with a twist of lemon flavour, as well as Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea K-Cup® Pods, if you prefer those flavours. 

Fresh, fragrant and flavoured with the distinctive notes of citrus and bergamot, our Earl Grey Tea K-Cup® Pods have all the taste of the original Richard Twinings created for the second Earl Grey. 

If you love a good chai latte, you can skip the steps and the mess using Twinings Chai Latte Tea K-Cup® Pods. Enjoy the sweet and savoury spice flavours of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger to give you a great tasting Chai tea with a bold, spicy taste and rich, vibrant aroma. 

Unwind at the end of a long day and promote a good night’s sleep with Twinings Nightly Calm Tea K-Cup® Pods, a comforting herbal tea expertly blended with camomile, spearmint and the subtle flavour of lemongrass to deliver a soothing tea with a warm, inviting aroma and smooth, mellow taste. Or you can try our Pure Camomile Tea K-Cup® Pods, a relaxing herbal tea expertly blended using only pure camomile blossoms to deliver a soothing tea with a soft, floral aroma and smooth taste. 

Refresh yourself with the bright flavours of lemon and ginger using Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea K-Cup® Pods. The zesty citrus flavour of lemon has been invigorating the tea experience for hundreds of years, and Chinese herbalists were known to use the spicy taste of ginger in tea over 2,500 years ago. 

If you’re looking for an iced option, be sure to try Twinings Unsweetened Black Tea K-Cup® Pods, which has been specially formulated to brew over ice. 

Or try a range of flavours with a Twinings K-Cup® Pods tea variety pack! 

Give Twinings K-Cup® Pods A Try 

Twinings Master Blenders and Expert Herbalists use delicious, flavourful ingredients in their K-Cups® Pods, so you can enjoy the convenience of K-Cup® Pods without sacrificing taste. With Twinings tea K-Cup® Pods, your favourite ritual of the day just got a lot more convenient — try a blend today. 

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