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Enjoy a Cold, Crisp Glass Of Iced Tea Anytime

Enjoy a Cold, Crisp Glass Of Iced Tea Anytime

One of the best ways to take a moment for yourself is a classic: a cold, crisp glass of iced tea. While many think of iced tea as a summer favourite, this versatile drink can be enjoyed year-round. 

Iced tea offers a flavourful and revitalising option as we drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Here are our tips for making delicious iced tea and a few answers to commonly asked questions. So grab a cool and relaxing glass of iced tea and keep reading to learn more about our favourite all-season beverage. 

How To Make Iced Tea With Tea Bags

A great way to make iced tea is to steep the tea bags in a small amount of boiling water for exactly 3 minutes. Set a timer because steeping any longer than 3 minutes will produce a cloudy, bitter tea! Gently remove the tea bags (do not squeeze them out) and add a larger quantity of cool or room temperature water to the pitcher to balance the overall flavour. Serve over ice – the resulting iced tea is perfect on the palate.

To add sweetness, after discarding tea bags and while the tea is still steaming, add granulated sugar or honey to taste and stir to dissolve. If desired, add aromatics to your tea before serving, such as a lemon slice, zest, or juice; orange slice, zest, or juice; peach slice, nectarine slice or mint leaves.

Try our classic iced tea using Twinings Lady Grey — the recipe is right here. If you are interested in more adventurous flavours, try our Lady Grey Lime Cooler, Iced Green Tea with Ginger, or Cucumber Spritzer.

How Many Tea Bags Are Needed For A Gallon Of Iced Tea?

Batching up the iced tea recipe is easy—simply double, triple or quadruple the ingredients using the same proportions. Half a gallon of our classic iced tea calls for 4 tea bags, so if you make a gallon, you’ll need 8 tea bags. 

How to Make An Iced Chai Tea Latte

 Here’s how to make an iced chai tea latte — it’s easy and delicious: 

  • Steep Twinings Chai Tea in freshly boiled water for 5 minutes or to desired strength.
  • Stir in sugar to taste until completely dissolved.
  • Add another 1/4 cup of cold or room-temperature water to cool it down before adding milk.
  • Fill a cup halfway with ice and add milk.
  • Pour the chai tea over the milk and stir.
  • Top with whipped cream, if desired.

Use your imagination to customise your iced chai tea latte with your favourite flavours. For example, add caramel syrup, crushed sea salt, and chocolate powder to create an iced Caramel Chai Latte. 

Is Iced Tea Good For You?

Sipping a homemade iced tea is a great way to create a daily ritual of taking a moment for yourself to relax. This daily ritual can remind us to slow down and decompress from the stress of the day to benefit our bodies and minds. It can help us jumpstart our day in the morning, provide a much-needed cool-down on a hot afternoon, or add a sweet treat to dinnertime. Making your iced tea at home can also help you avoid the preservatives, sugars, and other additives in some bottled iced teas. 

Does Iced Tea Have Caffeine?

Whether or not your iced tea contains caffeine depends on what type of tea leaves you use in your recipe. Black and chai tea, green tea, chai tea, and white tea all typically contain caffeine at various levels. In contrast, herbal teas tend to be naturally caffeine-free.

The entire Twinings Cold Infuse line steeps in cold water so you can pop it into your water bottle for a quick, refreshing caffeine-free drink. It also contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners/flavouring. We also offer Twinings Decaffeinated Green Tea, Twinings Decaffeinated Chai Tea, and a variety of decaffeinated black teas so you can enjoy your favourite iced tea flavour without caffeine.  

Stay Hydrated and Refreshed With Twinings Iced Tea

With our Master Blenders’ and Expert Herbalists’ more than 250 years of collective experience, Twinings teas incorporate fine, high-quality ingredients that have been trusted for centuries. We also offer the most enticing flavours available, so you never have to sacrifice great taste to enjoy a wellbeing drink. Stay hydrated and refreshed all year long with the help of our delicious Cold Infuse products as well. Don’t forget to add your email address below to join our email newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when we post new iced tea recipes and more.

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