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Does Probiotic Tea Work To Support Our Digestive And Immune Systems?

Does Probiotic Tea Work To Support Our Digestive And Immune Systems?

Did you know there is such a thing as ‘good bacteria’? It’s true! Probiotics are an example of good bacteria that help keep you healthy and high-functioning in a variety of ways, including fighting against the effects of bad bacteria.

You can give your body a little extra boost by adding probiotics to your diet. Probiotic tea is an easy and delicious way to do something extra every day for your well-being. With Twinings Probiotics Blends, you can support your digestive and immune health with delicious flavours like Lemon & Ginger and Peppermint & Fennel.

What Is Probiotic Tea Good For?

Did you know our guts are hosts to over 100 trillion bacteria? Not all of these bacteria are bad, though. In fact, most of them are essential to regulating our digestion, energy levels, and mood. A healthy gut will contain more good bacteria than bad bacteria. Encouraging the growth of these good bacteria helps your digestion and immune system and prevents the bad bacteria from taking over.

Probiotics add the good kind of bacteria to your gut. Twinings Probiotics blends support digestive and immune health. Every cup has 250 million CFUs of probiotics to help you reach your goals. The probiotic used in our blends, GanedenBC30®, has been chosen for its suitability for use in boiling water and its ability to withstand the trip through your digestive system to activate in your body. This helps to support your digestive health.

Are Probiotic Teas Effective?

Gut health matters. The trillions of bacteria in the digestive system can help to regulate sleep, digestion, and general well-being—and keeping them in balance is one of the secrets to living well.

 Taking a daily probiotic to increase the amount of “good” bacteria in your body has countless potential benefits. Recent scientific studies suggest that you may be able to improve your wellbeing with foods and supplements containing certain kinds of live bacteria.

Does Hot Water Kill Probiotics In Tea?

While many probiotic strains are not heat-stable (meaning they will die when exposed to heat), thanks to recent advances in developing heat-stable probiotics, Twinings was able to source a strain suitable for use in boiling water.

“As herbal practitioners, we believe that the condition of the gut is the foundation of your overall health,” says Sophia Forrester, Herbal Advisor at Twinings. “In order to ensure good gut health, a wide variety of different microorganisms is key.”

To create that variety, they chose a strain called GanedenBC30®, known for its ability to survive boiling water and the trip through the digestive system. This means that when it’s time to do its work, the probiotic will be ready to go—and that’s what counts.

Is Probiotic Tea Good For You?

The main benefit of probiotics is that they help maintain a healthy balance in your body, fighting off bad bacteria when there is too much of it. This helps keep your immune system in good shape, as well.

You can use Twinings® Probiotics Lemon & Ginger herbal tea to help soothe your stomach with zesty lemon flavour and warming ginger and turmeric. Feel invigorated as you sip Twinings® Probiotics English Breakfast black tea, a smooth and robust cup of tea with probiotics added to help support your immune health.

Settle your tummy with Twinings® Probiotics Peppermint & Fennel herbal tea, which contains uplifting mint with delicately sweet fennel and includes a probiotic for digestive support. The taste of cooling peppermint and refreshing spearmint is followed by a slight sweetness from the fennel, creating a soothing blend, especially lovely after a meal.

We recommend consuming four cups per day of our probiotic tea, each brewed for at least four minutes, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. We have specially designed and tested our product to ensure that those four cups will deliver the 1 billion CFUs of probiotics daily that have been shown to help provide effective digestion support. 

Take A Step Toward More Balanced Health With Twinings Probiotics Teas

With our Master Blenders’ and Expert Herbalists’ 300 years of experience, Twinings teas for probiotics incorporate only the finest, highest quality ingredients that have been trusted for centuries. We also offer the most enticing flavours, so you never have to sacrifice great taste for benefits. Take a step toward more balance with our delicious Twinings Probiotics Blends. Don’t forget to add your email address below to join our email newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when we post new recipes and more.

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