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Probiotics Teas

Love your gut with Superblends® Probiotics+ Teas! 
Our blends support digestive and immune health with the addition of probiotics, which do not add any taste, but bring goodness to your cup.


Every cup has 250MM CFUs of probiotics to help you reach your goals. The probiotic used in our blends, GanedenBC30®, has been chosen for its suitability for use in boiling water and its ability to withstand the trip through your digestive system to activate in your body. This helps to support your digestive health.


Did you know? Our guts are hosts to over 100 trillion bacteria! Not all of these bacteria are bad – in fact, most of it is essential to regulating our digestion, energy levels, and mood. A healthy gut will contain more ‘good’ bacteria than ‘bad’ bacteria, and encouraging the growth of these ‘good’ bacteria not only helps your digestion and immune system, but also prevents the ‘bad’ bacteria from taking over. Probiotics are foods which add bacteria to your gut, to increase the number of ‘good’ bacteria. 


Learn about our brilliant blends:

Soothe your stomach with Probiotics+ Lemon & Ginger herbal tea, which combines zesty lemon flavour and warming ginger and includes a probiotic for extra digestive support.* The soothing citrus tones in this herbal tea are combined with a subtle ginger kick and the warming taste of turmeric.

Settle your tummy with Probiotics+ Peppermint & Fennel herbal tea, which contains uplifting mint with delicately sweet fennel and includes a probiotic for extra digestive support.* The taste of cooling peppermint and refreshing spearmint is followed by a slight sweetness from the fennel, creating a soothing blend, especially nice after a meal.

Looking for a cool treat? Liven Up Your Water with our Probiotics+ Cold Water Infusions! Dive into the tropical flavours of tart pineapple and sweet coconut while you stay hydrated and support your digestive health. Specially blended and tested to ensure that each serving delivers 500 million CFUs of probiotics to help provide effective digestion support*, without impacting the taste of your water. 

Featured Collection

Probiotics+ Lemon & Ginger


Probiotics+ Peppermint & Fennel


Cold Water Infusions Probiotics+



*We recommend that you consume four cups per day of our probiotic tea, each brewed for at least four minutes, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. We have specially designed and tested our product to ensure that those four cups will deliver to you the 1 billion CFU of probiotics daily that have been shown to help provide effective digestion support.  
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