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Iced Tea

Iced Tea

Twinings® offers several ways to brew the perfect iced tea, from your favourite hot tea bags and K-Cup® Pods to our specially crafted Cold Brewed blends. Read on for our Perfect Iced Tea recipe and more!

Twinings® Iced Tea

The perfect iced tea is clear, aromatic, crisp and refreshing. It should never be murky or bitter. The key to preparing a delicious, clean tasting batch of iced tea is adding enough tea so the flavour can withstand being diluted by ice but not so much that it has an unpleasant bitter taste and dry mouthfeel.

Our classic iced tea is clear, refreshing and simple to make using our finest teas. Check out the video or click here for the full recipe!

Twinings® K-Cups

Brewing delicious, fresh iced tea with Keurig® K-Cup Tea Pods is easy!

1. Fill a tumbler with ice

2. Brew on 8oz. setting

3. Add sweetener to taste

Check out our full range of Keurig® K-Cup Tea Pods.

Twinings® Cold Brewed

Made with real tea leaves, our proprietary blends are specially created to deliver the same full-bodied taste as fresh-brewed iced tea, but prepared in only minutes. Simply add Twinings® Cold Brewed Iced Tea to room temperature or cool water, let stand 3-5 minutes, stir thoroughly, and add ice to finish. Enjoy sweetened or unsweetened. 


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