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Don’t Miss A Beat: Top 5 Heart Healthy Habits

Don’t Miss A Beat: Top 5 Heart Healthy Habits

Wellbeing starts with the heart. Whether it’s picking up a tennis racket, going for a jog, or playing in the backyard with the kids, everything we do relies on the heart—and that means it’s essential to keep it in top shape.

How do we keep our hearts healthy? It starts with a few simple habits that are easy to pick up and can make a lifetime of difference.

There’s No Wrong Way to Move

A great way to keep the heart in shape is to give it a regular workout—and there’s no limit to the form a workout can take. 

Experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. This could be a bike ride, a jog or even a brisk walk with the dog. What’s important is finding a form of exercise that’s fun, relaxing and pleasant enough to stick with year-round.

Change Your Morning Drink

For those of us who start every day with a steaming hot beverage, why not choose something that keeps the heart healthy?

Twinings®’s Superblends® Heartea+ tea combines the tartness of hibiscus with the charmingly sweet note of raspberries, and backs up this beautiful combo with the addition of Vitamin B1, which some studies suggest could reduce the chances of heart failure.

“This gorgeous ruby red Hibiscus blend is just bursting with berry-rich flavour and vitality,” says Twinings’ senior herbal advisor Bel Charlesworth. “Hibiscus can be useful in supporting a healthy heart and circulatory system, and we’ve also included mineral-rich nettle leaf, a traditional herb used for centuries to support good health and vitality. For optimal goodness, we’ve added Vitamin B1 which supports healthy heart function.”

Best of all, this heartwarming tea tastes fabulous—delivering on an enjoyable morning routine while providing the heart all the help it deserves.

Keep an Eye on Our Diet 

For many of us, a healthy heart regimen starts at the grocery store.

We try to watch for sugar, excess salt and saturated fats, any of which may contribute to increased cholesterol and heart disease. Instead, the goal is to build a diet around fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and heart healthy, high fiber grains like rice, farro and barley. A bowl of lentils and jasmine rice or a luscious cup of mushroom barley soup can be good for the heart and also the spirit.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep 

Sleep is important for every aspect of health, and the heart is no different.

Stress can be a factor in heart disease, and getting plenty of sleep is a great way to fight stress. People who find it difficult to get enough sleep should look for ways to make nighttime more restful. A good book, relaxing music, and a cup of Twinings® Superblends® Sleep+ tea can make bedtime the best time of day.

Find New Ways to Relax

When it comes to managing stress, we’re always looking for other ways to make our daily lives as relaxing as possible.

Five minutes—or more!—of daily yoga, meditation or focused breathing can take the pressure off and do the heart a world of good. Even planning something as simple as a walk in the park with a friend can melt away stress.

With a few simple habits—and a cup of Twinings®’s Superblends® Heartea+ tea—it’s easy to make your heart soar.

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