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4 Ideas To Boost Immunity And Stay Healthy This Winter

4 Ideas To Boost Immunity And Stay Healthy This Winter

It starts with the sniffles. Then a cough. Then a runny nose. Soon it’s a full-on winter cold—and all the fun we’d planned for that weekend is shot.

Let’s just say it—we’re sick of getting sick. This winter, everyone wants to feel their best all season long. Here are four ways to keep the immune system in top shape.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great way to fight winter colds. Because our bodies cannot produce this life-sustaining vitamin, it’s important to look for it in what we eat and drink. Twinings® Superblends® Immune Support+ tea contains hibiscus and rosehips, which are among the richest herbal sources of Vitamin C. Each cup of this warming drink is fortified with 27 milligrams of Vitamin C, which is over 25% of our daily recommended intake, making this tea a crucial weapon in the fight against winter colds.

“This is one of my favourite Twinings blends,” says Bel Charlesworth, senior herbal advisor at Twinings, who helped develop the new tea. “I love that it’s both an amazing tasting tea you can truly enjoy throughout the day and is also, from an herbalist’s point of view, packed full of goodness to genuinely help support your immune system.”

Take a Deep Breath

Medical research has shown that stress suppresses the immune system, increasing susceptibility to colds and other illnesses. Therefore, a good way to improve your immune system is to cut down on stress.

Of course, eliminating stress is easier said than done. No matter how hard we work to remove sources of anxiety from our lives, there will always be stressful moments. When these strike, the simplest way forward is to remember to breathe. Taking deep, steady breaths can trigger a relaxation response, easing stress in a natural way by slowing the heartbeat and lowering or stabilizing blood pressure.

Make a Sleep Routine—And Stick to It!

Sleep may be the most important component in the quest for wellbeing.

Regular sleep deprivation can run down the immune system, as well as increase stress and other factors that can make illness more likely. If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, routine is your friend. Plan a relaxing nightly ritual—screens off, a cup of Twinings® Superblends® Sleep+ tea by the bedside—and start it at the same time every night. Stick to it, and sleep should follow.

Harness the Power of Ginger

For over 2,000 years, ginger has been a key component in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine—and anyone who’s enjoyed the warming benefits of this invigorating root can see why.

A natural anti-inflammatory, ginger provides a warming boost to the immune system. It’s also the perfect addition to a drink, such as Twinings® Superblends® Immune Support+ tea, which combines the warmth of ginger with the sweet flavor of mango, creating a cup of tea that is healthy, soothing and immune-boosting at the same time.

“The blend contains a healthy amount of ginger to gently warm the system and help ward away any chills or tension,” says Charlesworth. “It’s blended beautifully with the natural sweetness and soothing properties of liquorice to really bring out the delicious mango flavouring that’s sure to brighten up your day.”

Implementing these simple habits—and pouring a daily cup of Twinings® Superblends® teas—can help get your immune system in shape. When it’s time for fun this winter, you’ll be ready too.

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