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Try These Herbal Teas to Help Support Your Health and Wellness

Try These Herbal Teas to Help Support Your Health and Wellness

There are hundreds of types of herbal tea sourced from across the globe, and its tradition spans centuries. Some refer to herbal teas as any tea not produced from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, which produces caffeinated black tea, white tea, green tea and others. Because of this, the term herbal tea has become synonymous with caffeine-free tea, though several herbal teas do contain caffeine. 

Technically, herbal teas are infusions, or tisanes, and some woodier parts of plants are even prepared in something called a “decoction.” Regardless of what you call them, herbal teas have been popular since ancient times. Many teas have an immediate and noticeable impact. For example, the relaxation brought on by the heat from a warm cup of tea, or the soothing effects peppermint menthol may have on a sore throat. 

Herbal Tea to Help You Relax and Unwind 

A hot cup of herbal tea is well suited to help you relax and unwind, and several blends include ingredients intended for that purpose. Camomile tea, for example, is one of the most popular bedtime teas. Most commonly, camomile is used to aid in relaxation and promote restful sleep. Because camomile tea is naturally caffeine free, it’s ideal for sipping before bed each night as part of your winding down ritual. 

Passionflower also contains relaxing compounds similar to camomile, which can help reduce anxiety. Twining’s Unwinding Passionflower pairs the herb with camomile to maximise its effect. 

Rooibos tea is a tasty, naturally caffeine-free drink. Twining’s Superblends Adaptogens Calm pairs rooibos with ashwagandha root, another herbal component that helps promote calm and peacefulness. Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to support a healthy stress response, and its scientific name means “sound sleep.” Ashwagandha can be defined as an adaptogen, which is an herb that helps your body have a more sustainable response to stress. 

Since melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, it offers a little more of a ‘kick’ in terms of its sleep-promoting properties. That makes it an effective choice for those with difficulty sleeping, helping their bodies reset the circadian rhythm and get back to a regular sleep schedule. When combined with the benefits of herbal ingredients, melatonin tea for sleep can help to relax you enough to fall asleep. Twining’s Superblends Sleep+ Melatonin offers a delicious vanilla and cinnamon flavour, while the melatonin and camomile work together to help soothe and relax. 

Herbal Tea to Help Support Good Gut Health 

Did you know our guts are hosts to over 100 trillion bacteria? Very few of these bacteria are bad, and most of them are critical to support and maintain optimal health in a variety of ways. Many of them are essential to regulating our digestion, energy levels, and mood. A healthy gut will contain a balance and variety of bacteria. Encouraging the growth of these good bacteria helps your digestion and immune system and prevents less desirable bacteria from taking over. 

Probiotics add the beneficial kind of bacteria to your gut. Twinings Probiotics blends support digestive and immune health. Every cup has 250 million CFUs (or colony-forming units) of probiotics to help you reach your goals. The probiotic used in our blends, GanedenBC30®, has been chosen for its suitability for use in boiling water and its ability to withstand the trip through your digestive system to activate in your body. This helps to support your digestive health. 

Herbal teas to help manage anxiety sometimes also have probiotic benefits to help contribute to healthy gut flora, like Twinings Peppermint & Fennel herbal tea. The cooling and refreshing taste of peppermint and spearmint have long been used to soothe, especially the aroma, and work effectively as a morning wake-up tea or a midday pick-me-up. Dried fennel has a sweet anise seed flavour that can be very calming and has long been used in traditional Arabian, Ayurvedic and Chinese practices. 

You can use Twinings® Probiotics Lemon & Ginger herbal tea to help soothe your stomach with zesty lemon flavour and warming ginger and taste of turmeric. 

Tea to Help Support Immunity 

Vitamin C is a great way to help fight winter colds. Because our bodies cannot produce this life-sustaining vitamin, it’s important to look for it in what we eat and drink. Twinings® Superblends® Immune Support+ green tea contains hibiscus and rosehips, which are among the richest herbal sources of Vitamin C. Each cup of this warming drink is fortified with 27 milligrams of Vitamin C, which is over 25% of the daily recommended intake, making this tea a great tool in the fight against winter colds. 

For over 2,000 years, ginger has been a key component in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine—and anyone who’s enjoyed the warming benefits of this invigorating root can see why. A natural anti-inflammatory, ginger provides a warming boost to the immune system. It’s also the perfect addition to a drink, such as Twinings® Superblends® Immune Support+ tea, which combines the warmth of ginger with the sweet flavour of mango, creating a cup of tea that is soothing and immune-supporting at the same time. 

Soothe Yourself With Twinings Herbal Tea 

Take the time each day to do something good for yourself and try herbal tea – there are so many flavours and varieties, you’re guaranteed to find one you love. Plus, it’s a simple and easy way to take a moment for yourself and indulge in something that tastes delicious and has a long history of helping to support good health. 

With our Master Blenders’ and Expert Herbalists’ combined 250 years of experience, Twinings teas incorporate fine, high-quality ingredients that have been trusted for centuries. We also offer the most enticing flavours available, so you never have to sacrifice great taste to enjoy a delicious drink. Check out our range of herbal teas — each is carefully crafted to offer blends that taste great and do you good. 

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