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The Dynamic Duo: Why Lemon + Ginger Are A Wellness Power Couple

The Dynamic Duo: Why Lemon + Ginger Are A Wellness Power Couple

In the world of wellness, there are many things that pair together beautifully: morning stretching and meditation, a smoothie after yoga class or a hot bath and some lavender pillow spray before bed. Yet there’s one potent partnership that deserves special recognition. We’re talking, naturally, about lemon and ginger. 

A Perfect Pairing

The respective fruit and root have been embraced across centuries for health, and also recognized as a dynamic duo in the dining world. Lemons deliver on their citrusy zest, while also offering certain vitamin C and fiber benefits. Ginger has been popular for over 5,000 years as both a spice and an herbal medicine. Of course, it sustained admiration has been helped by its delicious taste, no matter if it’s fresh, pickled, crystallized or candied.   

While these ingredients are excellent individually, scientists and chefs alike have discovered that they become a powerhouse when paired together. The tang of the lemon and the spicy sweetness of ginger pack a flavorful punch that dazzle the taste buds. And perhaps even more importantly, together, they’re also a major boon to your wellbeing. It’s easy to reap the benefits when they’re combined in a simple, satisfying package like Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea. Keep reading to see how indulging in a daily cup will leave you feeling great. 

It helps soothe digestion.

After you finish a big meal, it’s nice to settle down with a cup of lemon ginger tea to help sooth digestion. Ginger helps to combat gas and bloating by accelerating the passing of food through the stomach. Similarly, lemon may help to ease indigestion by supporting the production of digestive juices. 

“Ginger tea can be brewed in a range of ways, from mildly punchy to downright spicy, depending on how long you expose it to heat. When brewing ginger tea, you can experiment with steeping times and even enhance your tea with a slice of fresh ginger, if you have it on hand,” shares Twinings Herbalist Bevin Clare. 

It can help relieve nausea

If you have an upset stomach or cramps, you may want to reach for a steaming mug of lemon ginger tea. Beyond the comfort factor, ginger contains gingerol, a compound that has anti-nausea properties, which may help to alleviate strong symptoms

It can reduce inflammation.

Yet another benefit of lemon ginger tea? It contains anti-inflammatory properties - thanks, once again, to gingerol. 

“One of the most medicinal parts of lemon is the peel, so next time you use a lemon you can keep the peel to add a bit of zest (the colored part of the peel, easily scraped off) to your cup of tea to enhance the flavor and anti-inflammatory properties,” shares Clare. 

Undoubtedly, the benefits of lemon ginger tea are numerous, making lemon and ginger a fantastic wellness duo. Enjoying a cup of Twinings Lemon & Ginger Tea every day can serve as a small step on your wellbeing journey and provide a welcome respite from life’s more harried moments.

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