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The Guide To Healthy Summer Hydration: A Flavor For Every Occasion

[written in partnership with mindbodygreen] The long and sweltering days have arrived. As summer fully blossoms, we find ourselves in the season of more—more light, more fun, more indulgence. And while we know more hydration is key to keeping up with all the sunlit shenanigans, we forget to prioritize H2O as we're constantly on the go.

Mood Making: How Drinking More Water Can Benefit Your Emotions

[written in partnership with mindbodygreen] Human emotions have a lot in common with water (follow us here). Just like the ocean, our emotions come in waves—they rise, they fall, and they're constantly in flow.

The Hydration Habit: 5 Creative Ways To Drink More Water

[written in partnership with mindbodygreen] Sometimes the only difference between a good and bad day is how much water we were able to drink. Drinking water is the No. 1 thing we can do for our comprehensive well-being, but why does it feel so challenging to do something so simple? Because unless hydration is a bona fide habit, it won't stick.
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